The anticipated gaming & pop culture talk show is taking all content mediums by storm!

ESR’s new talk show NEXT LEVEL PLAY is premiering on YouTube, Xumo Play, Sling TV, and many other worldwide platforms. This podcast-formatted variety show will cover the hottest news in all things gaming, streaming, esports, movies, and TV shows. Hosts and game culturists Sydney Amanuel (The Glass Cannon Network) and Marcus Jahn (The Leaderboard) interview industry insiders, esports players, and streamers; along with tier list rankings, gameplay demos, and much more. Helmed by director Chase Kuertz, executive producer Wendy Wang, and writer Clay Horwitz, this series will break the boundaries between modern talk-show television and online podcasts by creating a hybrid of both in a way that has never been done on TV before. The first episode will take a deep dive into the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and discuss Baldurs Gate 3, Stellar Blade, and more.


CEO Wendy Wang says, "The opportunity is ripe to advance the gaming industry forward with a talk show that not only speaks to the previous generation of gamers in their 30s and 40s but also keeps younger gamers informed on the gaming industry. ESR is dedicated to bringing new, funny, informative and exciting entertainment that television has been neglecting to produce for the 3.7 billion gamers worldwide."


NEXT LEVEL PLAY is currently available to watch for free via the links below:

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